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Assessment of Northern and Striped Shrimp

Newfoundland and Labrador and Central and Arctic - Zonal Advisory Process (ZAP)

February 15-25, 2011¹
St. John's, NL

Chairperson: Peter Shelton


The status of Northern (SFAs 2 to 6) and Striped Shrimp (SFAs 2 and 3) in Shrimp Fishing Areas (SFAs) 2 to 6 (NAFO Divisions 0B to 3K) was last assessed in March 2010.

The current assessment is requested by Fisheries and Aquaculture Management to provide harvest advice for 2011 and 2012.

C&A Science has proposed two assessment zones for SFAs 2 and 3 based on the two multi-species surveys conducted in the north.  One zone is based on the NSRF-DFO survey areas RISA and SFA2EX to the east and the second zone is the DFO survey of SFA 3 to the west.  For this and future ZAPs both Pandalid species would be assessed within these two zones. This minor adjustment to assessment zones should not affect Science’s ability to provide advice for current or newly proposed changes to managing of the shrimp fisheries in the north.

These stocks will be assessed in a zonal advisory meeting (ZAP) approximately every two years.


Expected Publications

Two Science Advisory Reports (SARs) will be produced during the zonal Northern Shrimp assessment: Newfoundland and Labrador Region will produce a SAR for Shrimp Fishing Area (SFA) 4 - Division 2G, SFA 5 - Hopedale and Cartwright Channels and SFA 6 - Hawke Channel + Division 3K. Central and Arctic Region will produce a SAR for SFAs 2 and 3.

Associated research documents will also be produced to support these SARs. A Proceedings document will record the meeting discussions.


The following individuals with knowledge of the shrimp fishery and/or shrimp biology have been invited to participate in this meeting:

¹ The second week (February 21-25) has been planned to word craft the complete text of the SARs. Summary bullets for each stock will be agreed upon in plenary during the February 15-18, 2011 meeting. ZAP participants are encouraged to attend the second week of discussions and assist in the drafting of the SAR.


Participation to CSAS peer review meetings is by invitation only.

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