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Research Document - 2014/093

A Framework for the Identification of Monitoring Indicators Protocols and Strategies for the Proposed Laurentian Channel Marine Protected Area (MPA)

By S. Lewis, V. Ramirez-Luna, N. Templeman, M.R. Simpson, K. Gilkinson, J.W. Lawson, C. Miri and R. Collins


During the establishment of a Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Canada, there is a requirement to develop a monitoring plan to ensure the management measures are effective and it is responding appropriately. A suggested framework to be used in the development of that plan for the proposed Laurentian Channel (LC) MPA is outlined in this document based on input and collaboration.

The monitoring indicators that have been proposed are based on direct, indirect and anthropogenic pressure indicators to measure and assess not only the species of interest but also ecosystem components and anthropogenic elements that are intrinsically linked with the identified conservation objectives. Further, potential protocols and strategies are proposed that will enable the monitoring of the indicators which are based upon currently-available technologies and platforms.

It is intended that this document represent the basis for the development of a monitoring plan by MPA managers in collaboration with stakeholders and Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) Science Branch.

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