Research Document - 2003/066

Quality at landing in relation to gears used in the 3Pn, 4R cod fishery, 2000-2002

By Fréchet, A., Butler, R., Hussey, E., Kennedy, J. and Rose, G.


Following a conversation with a plant owner along the West coast of Newfoundland in early 2002, an inquiry has shown that there were differences in quality of cod at the plants according to the gear being used. Since 2000, the price paid to fishermen for their cod depends on its quality. The quality of cod caught by handlines and longlines is much greater than the quality of fish caught by gillnets. It was thought that this situation could lead to some discarding or grading at sea.  There has been some observer coverage on both longline and gillnet fleets but no significant levels of discarding or grading were noted. Fishermen may have changed behavior because of the actual presence of observers.

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