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Proceedings 2011/034

Proceedings of the Western Component Pollock (4Xopqrs5) Management Strategy Evaluation Science Peer Review; 9-10 May 2011

Chairperson(s): Julie M. Porter and Stefan Leslie


The Western Component (4Xopqrs+5Zc) Pollock Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) Regional Advisory Process (RAP) was held 9-10 May 2011, at the St. Andrews Biological Station, St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Participants included DFO staff (Science and Fisheries Management branches), Industry, and external experts. The objectives of this RAP meeting were to complete the Western Component Pollock MSE on which recommendations will be based for risk management of Western Component Pollock, and to identify where to focus future research efforts to provide the greatest improvements to management advice. It was concluded that the Management Strategy Evaluation developed for Western Component 4Xopqrs5 Pollock is sufficiently robust to plausible uncertainties, and if the selected Management Procedure (MP) is employed, will result in an acceptable trade-off between the three Management Objectives. The Management Procedure selected should be used to derive management advice and guide management decisions, unless any of the Exceptional Circumstances are deemed to apply. The expected operating timeframe for this MSE is 5 years, after which there will be a thorough review. This may result in a revision to the MP.

There will be a Science Advisory Report and one Research Document resulting from this meeting in addition to the Proceedings.

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