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Waiver of Moral Rights

[Note: Omit words in brackets that are not applicable].

I, ____________________________________,
(Name of Author waiving moral rights)

[identify the nature of the relationship between the author and the organization named below, if applicable]

[of ____________________________________________________]
                        (Name of University/Firm/Company)

assert that I am the author (one of the authors) of ……[Describe the copyrighted work]……………………… ("Work").

Whereas pursuant to s. 14.1(1) of the Copyright Act, R.S., 1985, c. C-42 (Copyright Act) I have the right to the integrity of the Work and the right, where reasonable, to be associated with the Work as its author by name or under a pseudonym and the right to remain anonymous (Moral Rights).

I hereby permanently waive in favour of Her Majesty in Right of Canada, my Moral Rights in the Work, pursuant to s.14.1(2) of the Copyright Act.

Executed at [City] __________, this ________ day of _________, 20__.

(Signature of Individual Waiving Moral Rights)

(Printed Name of Individual Waiving Moral Rights)


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Please send your completed form to:

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Telephone: 613-993-0999
Facsimile: 613-990-1866

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