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Fishery officer entrance exam sample questions

Prepared by Evaluation Personnel Selection International (EPSI)

Analytical thinking/judgement

You are called upon to review a report regarding the illegal activities of a commercial fisher that was produced by another branch of the department. You recognize that there is some questionable information contained within the report and that the data doesn't align throughout the document.

What would be the most effective response to this situation?

  1. Evaluate the document and provide a detailed report back to your contact within the branch with your recommendations for improvement and accuracy.
  2. Raise this issue to your supervisor as you now question the work ethic of those who have developed this report.
  3. Make the necessary changes and send the report back to your contact within the branch.
  4. Trust that your contact within the other branch must have had information you did not, and leave the report as is.

A is the correct answer.

Client service

You received an email from an agitated client stating that your processes and guidelines are biased and unfair and that they intend to file a complaint regarding the services your organization renders. They provide a list of examples that illustrate these concerns. You are not personally familiar with any of the examples they have provided.

What would be the most effective response to this situation?

  1. Promptly respond to the stakeholder and acknowledge receipt of their email and apologize for the issues they are facing.
  2. Investigate the issues further, gathering information to validate the client's claims, and provide a detailed response addressing the concerns.
  3. Tell the client that you trust the integrity and fairness of your organization's processes and guidelines as they have been reliable many times before and apologize for the issues they have faced.
  4. Ask around to see if any colleagues are familiar with this stakeholder and delegate the file accordingly to those who are familiar with the issues.

B is the correct answer.


Find the missing sequel to the series below:

355 661 706 ? 913

  1. 750
  2. 835
  3. 814
  4. 906

C is the correct answer.

Cross cultural sensitivity/respectful of diversity

Your supervisor has tasked you with finalizing an onboarding plan for a new employee being hired to work in your team alongside you. The new employee has had accommodation made to their work hours for reasons you do not know. They begin their work day earlier and end earlier than the rest of the team. Upon further review of the onboarding plan, you notice some of the scheduled activities will interfere with the specific accommodation made for this employee. Your supervisor left the office for the day and the employee's first day is tomorrow.

Which action, among the following, represents the most appropriate method of addressing the situation?

  1. Finalize the onboarding plan to fit the employee's accommodation and show it to your supervisor for their approval the following morning before the employee arrives.
  2. Delay incorporating some of these activities until later into the employee's first week, so you are able to consult your supervisor and make modifications if necessary.
  3. Incorporate the activities your supervisor identified, as perhaps the timing was already cleared with the new employee.
  4. Leave a message on your supervisor's mobile phone alerting them to the issues in scheduling and letting them know you will make the necessary adjustments.

A is the correct answer.


You've noticed that many of the processes and procedures your team uses are outdated or complicated, causing more workload than necessary. You are the most junior on the team and when you suggest some more innovative methods, some of the senior colleagues are opposed to them. They state that the frequent delays and large workloads are simply due to busy periods, not the processes and procedures.

What would be the most effective response to this situation?

  1. Wait until your team is going through a less busy period to see if their argument is valid.
  2. Ask your supervisor if you can personally use different approaches in conducting your work to prove your methods and ideas will be more efficient.
  3. Open a dialogue with your colleagues by providing fact-based arguments that support your ideas, and suggest that the team can incorporate the elements that they like.
  4. Let go of the subject, as the team is full of senior employees who are more familiar with work requirements and expectations.

C is the correct answer.

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