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Page 1. Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Canadian Coast Guard

All aboard!


Page 2. We have a career for you!

A career at Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard means your office could be anywhere – from onboard a ship to inside a laboratory, even outside in nature.

We work at the crossroads of science, policy, economics, conservation, environmental protection, enforcement and corporate services. Employees are:

  • scientists
  • policy analysts
  • program managers
  • oceanographers
  • fishery officers
  • engineers
  • Canadian Coast Guard members at sea or ashore
  • and so much more

Page 3. Coast to coast to coast

With thousands of employees in hundreds of locations, our footprint is part of our strength. We work and live in the communities we serve. We have:

  • employees at sea and ashore
  • national, regional and area offices
  • laboratories
  • detachments
  • search and rescue stations
  • Marine Communications and Traffic Services centres
  • a Canadian Coast Guard College in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
  • and more

These sites are spread out across the country in communities large and small – including a stronger presence in the Arctic.

Page 4. Diversity and inclusiveness

We foster a workforce that is diverse, representative and welcoming. We encourage open dialogue and value accessibility, inclusion, equity and respect for all.

Diversity reinforces the department's uniqueness and strength, by hiring individuals with diverse abilities, backgrounds, skills, experience and language profiles. A workforce reflective of Canada's diversity allows for effective leadership on behalf of all Canadians.

Page 5. Leadership

We are Canada's leader in safeguarding its waters, managing fisheries and protecting ocean resources. To do this important work, we have leadership opportunities at all levels and many career paths.

We rely on the expertise of scientists, fish harvesters and Indigenous partners to make decisions that reflect the health, safety and economic needs of Canadians. This input allows for work to reflect economic and environmental factors, Indigenous knowledge and the latest scientific research.

Page 6. Conserving and protecting

Fishery officers work to conserve and protect Canada's freshwater and marine fisheries resources and habitat. They also protect us from contaminated shellfish.

From boating and aircraft patrols to observing fisheries and fish habitat, fishery officers enforce the Fisheries Act and other regulations and legislation.

Page 7. Safety

Did you know we save lives on the water? The Canadian Coast Guard conducts life-saving search and rescue operations in coordination with many partners at sea.

The Canadian Coast Guard also oversees the safety of Canada's waterways by monitoring marine traffic, preventing accidents and clearing a path in icy waters.

Canadian Coast Guard employees ensure the safety of mariners in Canadian waters and protect Canada's marine environment.

Page 8. Thriving waters

Over 7 million Canadians live along coastlines, making the work we do vital to livelihoods and coastal culture. We're leading an all-of-government strategy to help grow a blue economy for fisheries, aquaculture, shipping, energy, technology and tourism, while keeping oceans healthy, sustainable, productive and resilient well into the future.

To balance economic prosperity with sustainable conservation practices, we:

  • incorporate research and Indigenous knowledge into policies
  • manage and protect species and habitats
  • maintain harbours
  • oversee aquaculture projects
  • remove ghost gear (lost, abandoned and derelict fishing gear, including nets)
  • address vessels posing a threat to the environment or navigation
  • work to prevent plastics from entering Canada's waters
  • and more

Page 9. Science

We conduct leading-edge research in oceans, freshwater, fisheries, aquaculture, marine mammals and aquatic biodiversity. Some of the many types of STEM careers include:

  • biologists
  • chemists
  • oceanographers
  • engineers

The Science Early Career Network offers lectures, training and mentoring to early-career scientists to develop their professional skills and encourage partnerships and collaboration.

Page 10. Working together

As a hub for oceans, waterways and aquatic ecosystems, we have files that you can sink your teeth into and see the benefits unfold. This is a great department for people who are passionate about:

  • science
  • policy
  • infrastructure
  • reconciliation with Indigenous peoples
  • protecting Canada's waters

We are at the forefront of ecosystem science, evidence-based policy and inclusive workplaces. Whether you want to provide facts, make decisions, do research or engage the public, we have a place for you.

Page 11. Resources

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Page 12: Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard

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