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Engagement on the Pacific Salmon Strategy Initiative

Engaging with partners and stakeholders is essential if we are to stem declines in Pacific salmon - we cannot do this alone. The Pacific Salmon Strategy Initiative (PSSI) responds to years of engagement with First Nations and stakeholders on salmon policy work, regulatory change processes, and other salmon activities. As the PSSI is implemented, we are continuing engagement, developing and strengthening our relationships with experts in Pacific salmon. By working together, we can achieve better outcomes for Pacific salmon, salmon habitat, and ecosystems.

To this end, we will be creating new ways to engage and consult with our partners, while respecting existing processes and obligations. This includes new opportunities to support broader collaboration with First Nations and stakeholders to provide advice to the Minister on Pacific salmon conservation and rebuilding.

Ongoing engagement

Engagement and collaboration will help define the PSSI and support its implementation. PSSI engagement has been divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Early engagement – Spring to Fall 2021

Phase 2: Early implementation engagement – December 2021 to early Summer 2022

Phase 3: Ongoing engagement – Summer 2022 – ongoing

Let’s Talk Pacific Salmon

The Let's Talk Pacific Salmon platform allows people and organizations to share their views on our strategies and programs related to Pacific salmon and to provide us with direct feedback to help us plan the implementation of the Pacific Salmon Strategy Initiative. The accessible online platform enables interactive and dynamic feedback from participants.

Access the Let's Talk Pacific Salmon platform and see current engagement opportunities.

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