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Consultation on proposed amendments aimed at preserving the independence of commercial inshore licence holders in Atlantic Canada and Quebec

Current status: Closed

We sought comments on proposed changes to the Atlantic Fishery Regulations. These amendments aim to preserve the independence of inshore licence holders by adding elements of the key policies supporting the inshore fishery in Atlantic Canada and Quebec into the regulations.

Who is the focus of this consultation

Fisheries and Oceans was seeking feedback from:

Proposed changes

We’re proposing changes to the Atlantic Fishery Regulations that would add:

In Atlantic Canada and Quebec, an economically viable inshore fishery remains the backbone of coastal communities. These amendments aim to ensure that licence holders granted the privilege of harvesting fishery resources under an inshore licence personally carry out the activities permitted under their licence.

These changes will also ensure that harvesters retain their ability to make decisions related to their licensed fishing activities and receive the benefits from their privileged access to the resource.

The proposed changes include:

There will be exceptions to these provisions. Those licence holders currently exempt, from all or parts of the inshore fisheries policies, will continue to remain exempt from these elements in the regulations.

In addition to these regulatory amendments, we’re also looking to clarify the circumstances for the use of a substitute operator and how its use might help strengthen the independence of inshore license holders.

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