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Fisheries Act updates to protect biodiversity and address threats

Learn how the modernized Fisheries Act will help protect Canada’s biodiversity and address unforeseen threats to the proper management and control of fisheries and the conservation and protection of fish.

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What’s changed in the Fisheries Act

Measures to protect biodiversity

Under the modernized Fisheries Act, we can make biodiversity protection regulations to establish long-term fishing restrictions for the purpose of conserving marine biodiversity. This would provide lasting protection for species and habitats in marine refuges.

Measures to address threats

The modernized Fisheries Act allows us to put in place targeted, short-term measures to quickly address unforeseen conservation and fisheries issues related to:

For example, if vulnerable whales are spotted, we could place a restriction on vessels or fishing gear in that area.

The modernized Fisheries Act also:

For example, we could protect marine mammals in a designated area by enforcing a short-term pause on fishing activity that uses specific gear.

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