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Canadian Freshwater Aquaculture Symposium



To date, efforts to identify and resolve the challenges (real or perceived) to the development of freshwater aquaculture have largely been addressed at a regional level. This approach, although producing some benefits, has not been functionally effective or efficient. A broader, national approach could serve to generate leveraged results from over-taxed and under-funded research, development and technology transfer programs and services. Therefore, industry and government stakeholders have developed a National Freshwater Aquaculture Action Plan to focus efforts on priority areas in freshwater aquaculture R&D and technology transfer - namely nutrition; waste management; farm management; and environmental carrying (assimilative) capacity.

The Canadian Freshwater Aquaculture Symposium initiative will serve to increase awareness and knowledge transfer on issues that continue to constrain freshwater aquaculture development in Canada, including:

  • technologies to advance knowledge regarding environmental interactions;
  • fish feeding strategies for enhanced sustainability and profit;
  • advances in recirculating systems;
  • effluent treatment and waste management;
  • fish health management; and
  • policy and regulatory approaches for sustainable development.

Program Name

Aquaculture Collaborative Research and Development Program (ACRDP)


2004 - 2005



Principal Investigator(s)

Charley Cyr

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