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Ecosystem approaches to aquaculture: strategies, tools and human dimensions



The Aquaculture Canada conference serves as a forum for aquaculture-related exchange and discussion of aquaculture information, findings, and experiences among scientists, government, industry, and First Nations. The theme for Aquaculture Canada 2009 is "Aquaculture: Meeting the Challenges". One of these challenges is improving the incorporation of social and environmental and values and ensuring the sustainability of aquaculture operations.

Yet the elaboration of an ecosystem approach to aquaculture represents a significant departure from previous management efforts, and demands discussion on how best to incorporate the fundamental ‘human dimension' into this new approach, and how best to develop the aquaculture-specific strategies, and indicators needed for an ecosystem approach to be effective. AAC 2009 brings together many of the individuals and stakeholder groups that must be involved in this effort, and the 2 day workshop we propose here presents a real opportunity to move this discussion forward.

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Aquaculture Collaborative Research and Development Program (ACRDP)


2009 - 2009



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Jerry Corriveau

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