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Influence of alternate dietary lipid sources on growth and health of large (2.5 kg) Sablefish



This is a one year research project, designed to assess the effects of dietary replacement of anchovy oil with poultry fat (PF), cold pressed flax oil (FO), and/or crude super degummed canola oil (CO) on large (2.5 kg) sablefish. Different dietary treatments will be compared for effects on growth performance, eicosanoid production, and immune responses. Triplicate groups of fifteen sablefish will be fed the experimental diets for a total of 18 weeks. Growth measurements will be taken at 6 week intervals to determine growth performance, feed efficiency (utilization), protein and energy utilization and effects on survival. In addition, immune function and eicosanoid production will be measured in the fish at the end of the 18 week feeding trial.

Program Name

Aquaculture Collaborative Research and Development Program (ACRDP)


2001 - 2002



Principal Investigator(s)

Dave Higgs

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