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Proposal guidelines for workshops


Workshops are a highly cost-effective tool for providing scientific information that addresses knowledge gaps, which the industry requires to improve its international competitiveness. Two primary functions are seen for Aquaculture Collaborative Research and Development Program (ACRDP) financed workshops; identifying and discussing critical research topics in a timely fashion and disseminating recently developed scientific information.

Objectives of workshop

  • Address current industry priorities for scientific information (including the results from ACRDP projects) on an aquaculture high priority issue.
  • Scope and identify future critical research needs.


  • Same as for ACRDP research applications. That is, eligible industry applicants are aquaculture producers or producer organisations, operating within Canada who are directly involved in producing an aquatic species for pre-commercial or commercial purposes.

Proposal evaluation

  • All ACRDP workshop proposals will undergo an evaluation (see "comprehensive review" of ACRDP research proposal) with the additional criteria that the workshop will be evaluated on whether it will provide adequate information to allow characterisation of the state of knowledge on the subject and allow industry to evaluate the operational value of results of the workshop.
  • As ACRDP research projects should have an identified plan for disseminating the results of the project to industry as a whole, ACRDP workshop proposals should not be used as a supplement to an existing ACRDP project.


  • Completion of the workshop must be within the same fiscal year for which funding is granted.
  • Completion of a report (in an acceptable electronic format) including presentations (optional), participants discussion and workshop conclusions and research recommendations, if applicable, must be submitted to the ACRDP National Coordinator, within 4 months of the conclusion of the workshop.

Deadline to submit your application

A six (6) week lead time prior to the proposed workshop date is mandatory for all workshop funding requests.

There should be no announcements regarding ACRDP funding support for the proposed workshop prior to ACRDP funding approval being formally granted.
Final notification of the work assessment and decision will be provided no later than 30 days after receipt of a completed workshop application and proposal.

Workshop proposal outline

Please submit a proposal providing the following details, along with a completed application form and budget:

  1. Workshop title
  2. Workshop date and location
  3. Workshop rational, audience targeted, raison d'être (maximum length: ½ page)
  4. Workshop objectives (point form, maximum length: ½ page)
  5. Organizational profile (maximum length: ½ page)
  6. Proposed workshop agenda and speakers profile
  7. Estimated budget: provide details of each budget item, a breakdown of estimated costs by contributor and a budget summary. Eligible costs include, but are not limited to:
    • Costs related to equipment rental and services (audiovisuals, translation services, hall rental, etc.)
    • Travel expenses for non-government speakers (transportation, accommodations, meals)
    • Preparation and publication of final report / proceedings
      Note: hospitality-related expenses (e.g. Lunch, coffee breaks, etc.)speaker fees, costs associated with meeting facilitators, and registration/conference fees are NOT eligible for ACRDP funding
  8. Financial contribution expected from the organization
    • 7.5% in cash (minimum)
    • 22.5% in-kind
  9. Deliverables: final report / proceedings must include a summary of each presentation (1-2 pages maximum per presentation), list of participants, list of sponsors, workshop conclusions, recommendations and new research issues, and a copy of each presentation (optional).  The final report should also clearly indicate discussed or developed research priorities which had been identified during the workshop.

Application submission

ACRDP workshop application, proposal and budget should be submitted directly to the Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) National ACRDP Coordinator as listed below. Applicants wanting information or assistance on ACRDP workshops should also direct their inquiries to the National ACRDP Co-ordinator (contact information below):

National Coordinator


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