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Canada’s Oceans Now: Atlantic Ecosystems, 2022 - Conservation status of sharks and skates

Release date: March 2024
Infographic: Conservation status of sharks and skates
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Conservation status of sharks and skates

This infographic illustrates the diverse array of sharks and skates and their conservation status. Depicted is a simplified ocean environment with a blue water column and a rippled greyish-brown sandy seafloor. At the top left above the sea surface, there is text:

Atlantic Canada has a diverse array of sharks and skates, both on the surface and in deep waters. Many shark and skate species were overfished in the past, and despite management measures, recovery has been difficult for some species. Bycatch is now the most significant threat to sharks.

To the right is a white solid box with a legend for conservation status. There are four categories of status and each has a corresponding coloured circle:

Below this, on the ocean surface are three yellow buoys attached to eight longlines which extend below the water. Coloured blue outlines of a swordfish and a tuna are caught on two of these lines to the left and right of the infographic. To the left of the infographic, a line extends to the sea floor where a benthic gillnet is depicted. Across the infographic from left to right, below the sea surface, a White Shark and a Blue shark are illustrated. Below them, in the middle of the infographic, a Shortfin Mako Shark and a Porbeagle Shark are illustrated, and below them along the sea floor, a Smooth Skate, a Spiny Dogfish, a Black Dogfish, and a Thorny Skate are illustrated. Each illustrated species is labelled with black text and has a coloured circle corresponding to its conservation status:

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