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Canada’s Oceans Now: Atlantic Ecosystems, 2022 - Highs and lows of large marine invertebrates

Release date: March 2024
Infographic: Highs and lows of large marine invertebrates
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Highs and lows of large marine invertebrates
Marine invertebrates play essential roles in ecosystems, greatly contributing to the ecological and economic services upon which people depend.

This graphic depicts a simplified ocean bottom environment with a rippled greyish-brown sandy bottom that drops off to the right. There are various seagrass and macroalgae illustrated in the background.

On the left side above the seafloor, in a white outline text box:

Some molluscs, crustaceans, and echinoderms are fished only in specific areas throughout Atlantic Canada’s bioregions. Very few are monitored in research surveys, which makes it difficult to assess the status of the population.

A small white line connects this text box to a white outline box below. In the box:

Under the box, an American Lobster and a Scallop are resting on the bottom:

Five Northern Shrimp rest on the bottom among rocks with a Snow Crab:

In the water column, a Northern shortfin squid is illustrated:

Below the squid, there is an illustration of two types of sponges on the deeper slope area of the seafloor:

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