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Canada’s Oceans Now: Atlantic Ecosystems, 2022 - Human stressors are changing Atlantic ecosystems

Release date: March 2024
Infographic: Human stressors are changing Atlantic ecosystems
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Human stressors are changing Atlantic ecosystems

Blue to the left of the infographic:

Centuries of human activity have had direct and indirect impacts on the ocean environment and marine life. These wide-ranging consequences to species, communities, habitats, and food webs have changed the way marine ecosystems function in Atlantic Canada.

This infographic illustrates the direct and indirect impacts human activities have on the ocean environment and ocean life. There are three large circles to the right of the infographic. They decrease in size, overlapping towards their bottom. The orange outermost circle highlights human stressors. Each stressor is illustrated with black outline icons and text labels:

A small dark orange half-circle representing climate change is illustrated above the smaller second circle and overlapping the orange circle. Within this half-circle there is black text with an illustration of a thermometer.

The middle circle is blue and highlights the ocean environment and components which may be impacted by the human stressors. Black icons within circles with white text labels underneath illustrate the components:

The smallest circle is a teal and represents ocean life and how it may be impacted by human stressors. This is illustrated by black outlines of marine organisms towards the outer edge of the circle interconnected by grey lines indicating food webs. There are black text labels around the inner circle representing types of changes occurring within ecosytems:

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