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Canada’s Oceans Now: Atlantic Ecosystems, 2022 - New findings on whale habitat

Release date: March 2024
Infographic: New findings on whale habitat
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New findings on whale habitat

This infographic illustrates a map of identified important habitats for at risk whale species throughout Atlantic Canadian waters. The map covers the Scotian Shelf, Gulf and Estuary of St. Lawrence , southern Labrador and the island of Newfoundland.

Blue text at the top right of the infographic: Recent research has identified important habitats for at-risk whale species throughout Atlantic Canadian waters. Knowing the areas where whales swim, forage for food, and socialize can help protect individuals and their habitat from the impacts of human activities.

At the top left of the map an black outline of a Humpback Whale is underneath black text:

Baleen Whales

At the top right of the map, a black outline of a Blue Whale is next to a legend that shows that Blue Whale foraging/socializing areas and Blue Whale transit corridors are illustrated in blue and green respectively. In black text below the legend:

Blue Whales forage, transit, and socialize across areas in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, on the Newfoundland Shelf and along the continental shelf edge

There are six Blue Whale foraging/socializing areas outlined on the map:

There are two Blue Whale transit corridors outlined on the map:

On the land to the middle left of the map there is a black outline of a North Atlantic Right Whale with black text underneath:

North Atlantic Right Whales

To the bottom of the map, under the edge of the continental shelf, a Northern Bottlenose Whale is illustrated in a black outline. Black text underneath:

Inter-canyon areas along the continental slope are used for foraging and transiting

An area of the shelf edge the Gully Marine Protected Area is surrounded by a black box outline and an enlarged map of this area is shown to the right. Within this box there is a legend with each area given in a different colour:

Northern Bottlenose Whales and the Gully MPA

The Gully MPA is a larger area to the left of the map, and there are three areas of designated critical habitat which go from left to right across the map. The area of additional important habitat runs left to right along the shelf edge connecting the other areas.

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