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Infographic: Fish on the move

Release date: March 2021
Infographic: Fish on the move
Description: Fish on the move

This figure shows three stacked maps with schools of many different species of fishes swimming around and behind the maps alongside text. The top map is of the Pacific Ocean and shows red and yellow dots between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia indicating Pacific anchovy numbers increased between 1992 cand 2016. To the right of the Pacific map is text about Pacific anchovy.

The middle map is of the Arctic ocean in Canada with red dots indicating Pacfic salmon locations and yellow dots indicating Atlantic salmon locations throughout the Arctic. Text at right of the map is about Pacific and Atlantic salmon in the Arctic.

At the bottom is a map of the Canadian Atlantic Ocean with yellow dots showing warm-water exotic species in 1970-1979 and red dots of these same species in 2010-2017. Text at right of the map is about armored sea robin and silver hake.


Fish on the move

Different fishes are moving into Canadian waters and familiar fishes are found in new places.

Pacific anchovy

With warm ocean conditions, this anchovy, found from California to British Columbia, is increasingly found migrating to and spawning in its Canadian range.

Pacific salmon

At the northern end of their range, a record harvest in the thousands was taken in 2019 in the western Canadian Arctic, including some in Nunavut.

Atlantic salmon

Previously few and far between in the Arctic, this species is increasingly found as far north as Pond Inlet on Baffin Island.

Silver hake

As the Atlantic Ocean warms, fishes that prefer warmer waters, such as silver hake, are found farther north and in greater abundance.

Armored sea robin

One of several exotic species increasingly found along the Scotian Shelf is being captured over a broader area as bottom waters warm.

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