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Infographic 3 — The Canadian Arctic: Building knowledge for ecosystem management

Infographic 3: Building knowledge for ecosystem management
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An infographic shows a simplified image of an Inuk and a scientist standing on sea ice near the water. There are two holes in the ice, one by each person. The Inuk is holding a line with a fish at the end over the ice hole while the scientist is holding a line with a sampling device over the other ice hole. A sunset sky is in the background. On either side of the central scene are blue boxes with text information and icons. At top left a simplified graph is shown, below left are four icons of simplified Arctic species and habitat. At bottom right there are icons of a beluga and Arctic char.

  • Knowledge of Arctic ecosystems is patchy and intermittent
  • Improved knowledge needed for holistic management of major ecosystem changes
  • Managing change requires Inuit and scientific knowledge
  • Co-management
  • Management of renewable resources based on agreements between the Inuit and the governments of Canada, Provinces and Territories
  • Inuit knowledge and practices are needed to co-manage fish and marine mammal stocks

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