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Canadian Council of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers' structure

Organizational chart described below

CCFAM structure

Deputy Ministers' Committee

The Deputy Minister's (DM) Committee (co-chaired by the federal and rotating PT host/co-chair DMs) is responsible for the coordination and supervision of preparatory and follow-up work for meetings of the Council. The DM Committee's main responsibilities include: review and approval of agendas; monitoring the progress of annual work plans and outcomes from the Council meetings; reporting annually on the implementation of the Interjurisdictional Agreement; and, overseeing the activities of the Interjurisdictional Working Group.

Interjurisdictional Working Group

The Interjurisdictional Working Group (IWG) is composed of senior-level officials from federal/provincial/territorial governments (FPT). It is co-chaired by DFO's director of Intergovernmental Affairs along with an official from the respective department of the PT host/co-chair).

The IWG supports minister and DM-level meetings, provides an advisory role to the DM Committee, and is a coordinating body for CCFAM activities. IWG provides recommendations to the DM Committee on the creation of committees/task groups when no existing CCFAM body exists.

CCFAM Committees and Task Groups

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