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Vessel and Related Policies that support Owner Operator: Engagement Sessions in Atlantic Canada and Quebec

Current status: Closed

This consultation ran from March 7 to May 31, 2023.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) hosted a series of engagement sessions in Atlantic Canada and Quebec to better understand inshore fish harvesters and association representative concerns regarding the role of its inshore vessel and related policies to support Owner Operator objectives.

Owner Operator is central to the inshore fishery and is designed to promote viable and profitable operations for the average fishing enterprise, by requiring that those who are issued licences fish them personally so that the associated benefits remain in the hands of independent, owner operators.

Following the introduction of regulations for the inshore commercial fishing fleet in Atlantic Canada and Quebec, DFO continues to review the effectiveness of vessel and related policies in supporting Owner Operator objectives.

The engagement sessions explored the extent to which DFO’s inshore vessel and related policies supported or detracted from Owner Operator. Each session provided stakeholders an opportunity to have input into possible revisions to the policy suite.

Ongoing engagement

Broad engagement with external stakeholders: Winter 2023

During Winter 2023, DFO initiated engagement with inshore fish harvesters and fishery association representatives across Atlantic Canada and Quebec.

High level themes for this component focus on:

‘What we Heard’ analysis and options identification: Fall 2023

Based on the feedback received through the engagement sessions, DFO will draft a “What we Heard” report. The complete first draft will be available for review and comment through DFO’s website.

Key questions for discussion

The following themes were designed in order to understand key stakeholder concerns on specific elements of the existing vessel and related policies regime. In particular,  we were seeking to understand the effects our policies have on fish harvesters’ day to day operations and explore opportunities to reflect our changing fisheries. The engagement sessions focused on:

The input gathered through this process is being  used to support the development of policy options that provide greater clarity, transparency, and predictability around vessel-related policies for the inshore commercial fishing fleet throughout Atlantic Canada and Quebec.

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