Maritime Sector in Canada Summary Tables

Activities dependent on the ocean make a substantial contribution to the Canadian economy. Fisheries and naval installations provided the rationale for the first European settlement. Fish processing, shipbuilding and marine transportation followed, providing the basis for economic development and growth on all three of Canada's coasts. These ocean activities defined settlement patterns that continue to this day.

New maritime economic activities emerged over the years including tourism, aquaculture, bio-technologies, specialized manufacturing and offshore oil and gas exploration and development. A wide range of service industries supports these activities. Together, they create substantial opportunities as well as challenges emerging from increased and oftentimes competing uses of ocean space.

The tables here presented provide estimates of the economic contribution of maritime sectors in Canada for the years 2006 and 2008-12. These estimates cover all major private sector activities with a direct dependence on the oceans (extractive and non-extractive uses) as well as activities of public sector organizations with responsibilities for safety, managing ocean activities and research.

Gross Domestic Product by Industry
Gross Domestic Product Contribution to Provincial Economies 2012
Employment by Industry and Year 2006-2012
Direct, Indirect and Induced Gross Domestic Product 2012
Employment Contribution to Provincial Economies 2012
Direct, Indirect and Induced Employment (Jobs) 2012