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Number of Licence Holders1 by Category, Province and Region, 2015
PROVINCE REGION 2 Core Independent Core Non-Core Other Total
NOVA SCOTIA MARITIMES 2,706* 2,585 5,291
GULF 3 625 14 336 978
GULF 15 1,057 42 901 2,015
P.E.I. GULF 7 1,276 15 1,425 2,723
QUEBEC QUEBEC 0 976 80 178 1,234
TOTAL ATLANTIC 3,047 7,076 3,877 2,840 16,840

* A breakdown of Core and Independent Core harvesters was not available from the Maritimes reigon.
1. A Licence Holder is categorized as core when he or she meets the following licensing criteria for inshore vessel-based fishing licenses: he or she is head of the enterprise or fishing unit, holds key licenses, have an attachment to the fishery, and is dependent on the fishery. The Independent Core category is an eligibility criteria for the receipt of new or replacement inshore vessel-based licenses. A non-core harvester does not meet those criteria.
2. The four DFO regions in Atlantic Canada are: Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, Gulf (Northeast Nova Scotia, Eastern New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island), and Maritimes (Southern New Brunswick, Southwest Nova Scotia, Eastern Nova Scotia). This table does not include crew members.
Source: Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), Fisheries Management

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