Value Added

Aquaculture in Canada emerged onto the scene in the 1970’s in response to a global demand for fish and seafood. In the last 30 years, this relatively new commercial activity has grown into an important economic activity for Canada. In 2006 alone, the economic contribution by the industry to the economy (or “gross value added”) reached $395.8 million, up 58.4% from 2005.

In this section you will find data provided by Statistics Canada on the value added of the aquaculture industry for the period 1997-2015. Under each year, the information is grouped under the following four main categories:

  • Sources of output (sales of aqua products/services, operating revenue, etc.)
  • Product inputs (feed, processing costs, operating expenses, etc.)
  • Gross value added (factor cost)
  • Selected primary inputs (salaries and wages, interest, etc.)

Value Added Account: