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The following is a list of skates and rays that have been found in Canadian Atlantic waters. To find out how to identify any of these skates or rays, or to learn more about the ranges and habitats they occupy, their life histories, feeding habits and/or reproductive characteristics, just click on the tiles below.

Skates and Rays of British Columbia poster

Species Name Species Group Region(s) / Province(s) / Territory(s) Status
Details for Abyssal Skate (Rajella bathyphila)
Abyssal Skate
Rajella bathyphila
Details for Alaska Skate
Alaska Skate
Bathyraja parmifera
Details for Aleutian Skate
Aleutian Skate
Bathyraja aleutica
Details for Arctic Skate
Arctic Skate
Amblyraja hyperborea
Details for Atlantic Manta
Atlantic Manta
Manta birostris
Details for Atlantic Torpedo
Atlantic Torpedo
Torpedo nobiliana
Details for Barndoor Skate
Barndoor Skate
Dipturus laevis
Details for Big Skate
Big Skate
Beringraja binoculata
Details for Broad Skate
Broad Skate
Amblyraja badia
Details for California Skate
California Skate
Raja inornata
Details for Chocolate or Bigelow's Skate
Chocolate or Bigelow's Skate
Rajella bigelowi
Details for Commander Skate
Commander Skate
Bathyraja lindbergi
Details for Deepwater Skate
Deepwater Skate
Bathyraja richardsoni
Details for Deep Sea Skate
Deep Sea Skate
Bathyraja abyssicola
Details for Little Skate
Little Skate
Leucoraja erinacea
Details for Longnose Skate
Longnose Skate
Raja rhina
Details for Pacific Torpedo Ray
Pacific Torpedo Ray
Tetronarce californica
Details for Pelagic Stingray
Pelagic Stingray
Dasyatis violacea
Details for Roughtail Skate
Roughtail Skate
Bathyraja trachura
Details for Round Skate
Round Skate
Rajella fyllae
Details for Sandpaper Skate
Sandpaper Skate
Bathyraja kincadaii
Details for Shorttail, or Jensen's, Skate
Shorttail, or Jensen's, Skate
Amblyraja jenseni
Details for Smooth Skate
Smooth Skate
Malacoraja senta
Details for Soft Skate
Soft Skate
Malacoraja spinacidermis
Details for Spinytail Skate
Spinytail Skate
Bathyraja spinicauda
Details for Starry Skate
Starry Skate
Raja stellulata
Details for Thorny Skate
Thorny Skate
Amblyraja radiata
Details for Whitebrow Skate
Whitebrow Skate
Bathyraja minispinosa
Details for Winter Skate
Winter Skate
Leucoraja ocellata
Details for Roughtail Stingray
Roughtail Stingray
Dasyatis centroura
Details for White Skate
White Skate
Dipturus linteus