Identify a species in BC

Sharks of British Columbia poster

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is committed to developing the highest standard of bycatch data, and to the conservation of shark species in British Columbia waters. The information in this guide is designed to assist the Department to monitor bycatch, and fish harvesters to correctly identify bycatch and to enter it in logbooks.

Pelagic sharks live in the upper layers of the open sea. Demersal sharks live on or near the sea bottom.

Species Name Species Group Region(s) / Province(s) / Territory(s) Status
Details for Basking shark (Pacific Population)
Basking shark
Cetorhinus maximus
Details for Bigeye thresher
Bigeye thresher
Alopias superciliosus
Pelagics Pacific  
Details for Blue shark
Blue shark
Prionace glauca
Pelagics Pacific  
Details for Brown cat shark
Brown cat shark
Apristurus brunneus
Pelagics Pacific  
Details for Spiny dogfish
Spiny dogfish (Pacific Population)
Squalus suckleyi
Pelagics Pacific  
Details for Great white shark (Pacific Population)
Great white shark (Pacific Population)
Carcharodon carcharias
Pelagics Pacific  
Details for Greeneye shark
Greeneye shark
Etmopterus villosus
Details for Salmon shark
Salmon shark
Lamna ditropis
Pelagics Pacific  
Details for Sevengill shark
Sevengill shark
Notorynchus cepedianus
Details for Shortfin mako shark (Pacific Population)
Shortfin mako shark (Pacific Population)
Isurus oxyrinchus
Pelagics Pacific  
Details for Sixgill shark (Pacific Population)
Sixgill shark (Pacific Population)
Hexanchus griseus
Details for Pacific sleeper shark
Pacific sleeper shark
Somniosus pacificus
Details for Tope (soupfin shark) (Pacific population)
Tope (soupfin shark) (Pacific population)
Galeorhinus galeus
Pelagics Pacific  
Details for Common thresher shark (Pacific population)
Common thresher shark (Pacific population)
Alopias vulpinus
Pelagics Pacific  
Details for Lanternshark
Details for Pacific Angel Shark
Pacific Angel Shark
Squatina californica