Yellowtail Rockfish

Yellowtail Rockfish
Latin Name

Sebastes flavidus

Group Name


Taxonomy details


Yellowtail rockfish are marine fish found in the northeastern Pacific. They range from southern Alaska to southern California, typically living at depths between 100 and 200 metres. The behaviour of yellowtail rockfish is not fully understood by researchers, but it appears that they live both close to the ocean bottom and in mid-water, and some individuals migrate great distances.

Species Description

Yellowtail rockfish have a short body and a large head with a sloped brow. Their mouth is large and has a protruding lower jaw. Their dorsal side has several hard dorsal spines, immediately followed by softer rays. Their tail fin is slightly indented. Yellowtail rockfish grow to about 4 kilograms and can live up to 50 years.