Lake Utopia Dwarf Smelt

Lake Utopia Dwarf Smelt
Latin Name

Osmerus sp.

Group Name


Taxonomy details


Lake Utopia is a coldwater lake that is frozen from early December until the first or second week in April. The two wide tributaries that the dwarf smelts uses for spawning are at the northwestern end of the lake. Neither tributary connects to another lake. Meech Lake affords similar conditions.

Species Description

Named for the lake in which they live, Lake Utopia dwarf smelts are freshwater fish that spawn in one of two slow-flowing streams. A slender, streamlined fish, the Lake Utopia dwarf smelt is approximately 12 centimetres in length with a fairly long head. The smelt's back varies in hue from pale green to dark blue; its silvery sides have a blue, purple and pink sheen.