Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon
Latin Name

Oncorhynchus nerka

Group Name


Taxonomy details


The Cultus Lake Sockeye Salmon is found in Cultus Lake, which is located in southwest British Columbia, in the eastern Fraser Valley, south west of Chilliwack. The lake is 112 km upstream from the Strait of Georgia.

The Sakinaw Lake Sockeye Salmon live and spawn in Sakinaw Lake and its watershed, located northwest of Vancouver on the Sechelt Penninsula. The fish migrate to the ocean through Johnstone Strait in mid-June to late July.

Species Description

Adult sockeye salmon living in saltwater usually have bluish backs and silver sides. When sockeye spawn, their bodies typically turn bright-red and their heads become green. Genetic testing must be used to differentiate the sockeye salmon.