Silvergrey Rockfish

Silvergrey Rockfish
Latin Name

Sebastes brevispinis

Group Name


Taxonomy details


Silvergrey rockfish are native to the northeast Pacific Ocean. Their range begins in Alaska and extends southward to California. They are found along the west coast of Canada, living in hard-bottomed, high-relief areas and underwater troughs near the continental shelf at depths of 100-400 metres. Adults seem to congregate into groups near the ocean bottom, but it is not clear whether they migrate in groups, or, like other species of rockfish, remain in their home areas for most of their life.

Species Description

Silvergrey rockfish have a short, heavy-set body with a sloping head and a large, gaping mouth with a protruding lower jaw. Their dorsal fin is hard and spiny anteriorally, followed by soft rays. As their name implies, they are silvery-grey along their flanks, but are white on their underside and a darker grey or olive on their back. Silvergrey rockfish can grow to about 75 centimetres and weigh as much as 5 kilograms. They can live more than 80 years.