Silver Chub

Silver Chub
Latin Name

Macrhybopsis storeriana

Group Name


Taxonomy details


The Silver Chub lives in central North America, especially in the lakes of the Mississippi drainage area from the Gulf Coast north to the Laurentian Great Lakes, east to the foothills of the Appalachians and as far west as the Great Plains. In Manitoba, it occurs in the Red and Assiniboine River systems and in the south basin of Lake Winnipeg. Throughout its range, the Silver Chub is primarily found in streams and rivers. Substrate preferences range from gravel to silt.

Species Description

The Silver Chub is a member of the Minnow family. The body is stout and thick, with an average length of 100 to 150 mm long. The eye diameter is relatively large and the overall colouration is silvery with olive green on the back and silvery white below, and a faint lateral band is usually present. The caudal fin on the Silver Chub is distinctly forked and lightly pigmented except for the lower three to four rays, which are white.