Shortraker Rockfish

Latin Name

Sebastes borealis

Group Name


Taxonomy details


Shortraker rockfish are deepwater marine fish found in the North Pacific Ocean. Their range covers both sides of the Pacific, beginning in Japan and extending north and east across the Bering Strait to Alaska, then south to California. They live in rocky areas along the continental slope, near boulder fields and on silted or cobbled bottoms, at depths between 25 and 900 metres.

Species Description

Shortraker rockfish have short, stocky bodies with a large head and a prominent row of sharp dorsal spines followed by a long, flat fin on their back. Their mouth is large and has a protruding lower jaw. They have fairly rounded fins and a tail that is squarish with a slight indent. As the largest of the slope rockfish, shortraker rockfish can grow up to a metre in length. They are also one of the longest lived, as much as 120 years.