Latin Name

Esox masquinongy

Group Name


Taxonomy details


Muskellunge are a freshwater fish with a distribution throughout eastern North America. In Canada they occur in Ontario and Quebec, including in the St. Lawrence River and the Great Lakes, as well as a introduced populations in Manitoba. In the United States, they are found mainly in the Midwest. Muskellunge prefer warm, heavily vegetated lakes and in rivers with slow-moving currents.

Species Description

Muskellunge have long, streamlined bodies. A carnivorous fish, they have a flattened, pointed snout and a large mouth filled with sharp teeth. Their dorsal fin is located far back, and they have a pointed tail fin with a strong indent. Their coloration varies considerably, but typically consists of dark, wavy vertical bands and other markings on a lighter background. Dorsally, they are light brown to brassy greenish-brown. On their sides they can be anything from greenish-brown to grey, sometimes silvery, while their underside is white. The average muskellunge grow to about 71-122 centimeters and weigh 2.3-6.3 kilograms.