Latin Name

Cyclopterus lumpus

Group Name


Taxonomy details


Lumpfish are marine fish found on both sides of the Atlantic. In the western Atlantic, they are found from Newfoundland and Labrador (and in Hudson Bay) to New Jersey. In the eastern Atlantic, their range extends from Spitsbergen in the north to Portugal in the south. Lumpfish also occur off Iceland and Greenland. They prefer colder water and live near the ocean bottom, usually on hard, rocky areas with plenty of vegetation.

Species Description

Lumpfish are short and stubby, with a small mouth and a body that is covered in tubercles (lumps) and ends in a small, slightly rounded tail. Their pectoral fins are covered with circular folds of skin that create a sort of suction cup. They use these fins to stick to hard surfaces. Lumpfish are blue to grey to yellowish- or greenish-brown. During spawning, males become reddish on their sides, fins and underside. Lumpfish grow to about 60 centimetres and 10 kilograms, with females larger than males.