Euphausiids (Krill)

Euphausiids (Krill)
Latin Name

Meganictyphanes norvegica

Group Name



Many different species of euphausiids are found on Canada's east and west coasts. They live in waters that are at least 200 metres deep, although they migrate to less than 50 metres depth during the day.

Species Description

Euphausiids, or krill, as they are commonly called, are tiny crustaceans found throughout the world's oceans. These zooplankton are a very important part of the food chain in the ocean as they serve as prey for countless species of fish and marine mammals. In fact, some whales eat krill almost exclusively. Euphausiids are usually quite small, with the largest species growing to be only a few centimetres. Krill themselves are normally herbivores, though some species are omnivorous.