Marine Mammal Emergencies

Contact us - Marine Mammal Emergencies - 1-877-722-5346

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is part of the Quebec Marine Mammal Emergency Response Network. The Network has been mandated to organize, coordinate and implement measures to reduce the accidental death of marine mammals, save animals in trouble and favour the acquisition of data for cases involving beached or drifting carcasses in St. Lawrence waters bordering the province of Quebec.

You are invited to call 1-877-722-5346 toll free to alert the Network to any incident of accidental entanglement in fishing gear, stranding, ship strike, drifting carcass or marine mammal that has strayed from its customary range.

Depending on the type of incident, intervention teams may be called on to carry out specific actions. These include everything from photographically documenting an incident to carcass recovery to sample collection or even the disentanglement of animals caught in fishing gear.

Incidents involving marine mammals contribute to further reducing already threatened populations. A concerted, rapid and efficient effort is the best mechanism for assisting marine mammals in trouble and collecting the scientific data from every incident that will be beneficial to the improved management of these species.

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