Pacific Integrated Catch Fishing Initiative (PICFI)

Description of Program, Policy or Program Proposal

PICFI will enable Aboriginal Commercial Fisheries Enterprises to continue building their capacity to participate in the commercial fishery. In addition, PICFI permits DFO to continue to implement the necessary catch monitoring, compliance and reporting to enable fisheries reform. Finally, PICFI will support collaborative management mechanisms and a greater role for First Nations and other interests in policy development and decision-making.

The main element of PICFI is the commercial license retirement program that transfers licenses to First Nation Commercial Fishing Enterprises to avoid additional pressure on the biological environment.

Summary of SEA Results

There will be no net increase in the total number of licenses available to fish or harvest in the Pacific Region. The catch reporting and monitoring accountability mechanisms in PICFI will ensure accuracy of data, and provide clearly articulated and transparent rules, policies, and procedures for all users of the resource.

The direct outcomes of this program include: strengthening conservation and fisheries sustainability; integrating commercial fisheries in Pacific Region; increasing certainty around access and allocation on the part of commercial, recreational and First Nations harvesters and the general public by having clearly articulated and transparent rules; implementing policies and procedures  for all users of the resource; incorporating improved FSC and recreational catch data into management decision-making; and, enhancing fisheries monitoring and catch reporting in the commercial fishing sector.

The indirect outcomes of this program include: greater certainty around access and allocation for commercial, recreational and First Nations harvesters and the general public; strengthened relationships between First Nations, DFO and non-Aboriginal stakeholders; and, improved outcomes for the Wild Salmon Policy and Species at Risk Act.

Linkages to the Goals of the Federal Sustainability Development Strategy

The proposal will directly contribute to Theme III "Protecting Nature and Canadians", Goal 5 "Biological Resources" by implementing fisheries reforms needed to strengthen resource sustainability and industry viability. To that end, it will ensure the equal distribution of fishery resources within currently approved license limits. It will also continue to improve catch reporting and monitoring, resulting in better information for fisheries decision-making.