Science Enterprise Centres

The Government of Canada is committed to building stronger, more collaborative federal science, with a goal of achieving a world-class federal S&T system. The Science Enterprise Centres are a first start, focusing on aquatic environments to realize this long-term vision.

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Atlantic Science Enterprise Centre

The centre will focus on coastal and estuary science and the communication of research results back to the community. The centre will engage scientific and academic communities, Indigenous peoples, the fishing industry, and the public.

Pacific Science Enterprise Centre

Pacific Science Enterprise Centre

The centre focuses on a wide range of aquatic research. Collaboration, partnerships and joint research opportunities engage scientific and academic communities, Indigenous peoples, the fishing industry and the public.

Services and information

Vision and principles

As part of the Government of Canada’s new investments in ocean and freshwater science, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is investing in the development of two Science Enterprise Centres (SECs): one located at the Gulf Fisheries Centre in Moncton, N.B., and the other at the Centre for Aquaculture and Environmental Research in West Vancouver. These SECs will become innovative, collaborative research hubs. The Centres will foster partnerships between the scientific and academic communities, Indigenous peoples, business groups, government partners, non-government organizations and the public.


The Science Enterprise Centres will be comprehensive, multi-purpose facilities and their objectives will be to establish world-class, innovative, multi-partner collaborations that advance the DFO science mandate and expand science knowledge in Canada, and to share that science with Canadians.


Oceans Protection Plan

Canada has the world's longest coastline, and our water is one of our most important resource.

Centre for Offshore Oil, Gas and Energy Research

COOGER research projects, project participants and contact information.

Marine Ecosystem Assessment

This summer a team of DFO scientists will take sail aboard the research ship F/V Frosti in Canada’s Arctic for a comprehensive marine ecosystem assessment.

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