Ecosystem indicators for ecosystem monitoring at different scales


Flow chart: Summary of the eight step process to select and evaluate indicators for ecosystem monitoring.

Canada's Oceans Act has prompted a push towards sustainable development of fisheries and consideration of their effects on ecosystems, which emphasizes the need for an Ecosystem Approach to Management (EAM). Progress on EAM requires evaluation and selection of useful indicators of ecosystem status that can provide an assessment of past and current effects of fishing on ecosystems to ocean and fisheries managers. This project will enhance the ability of Fisheries and Oceans Canada to move ahead with an EAM. It will review the current use of ecosystem indicators and their effectiveness, select and evaluate a series of indicators to assess their utility for DFO, use these indicators to assess the status of the western Scotian Shelf, and to determine whether they are useful to assess the effectiveness of closed areas, such as protected and conservation areas.

Program Name

Strategic Program for Ecosystem-based Research and Advice (SPERA)


Atlantic: Gulf of Maine, Scotian Shelf

Principal Investigator(s)

Alida Bundy

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