Evaluation of ecosystem indicators for assessing impacts of habitat disruptions on fish productivity


In the photo: tagging whitefish (Photo: DFO)

The Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) has conducted over 50 experiments studying the effects of human activities (flooding, water diversion, aquaculture, etc.) on entire aquatic ecosystems. Extensive data on fish populations, hydrology, water chemistry, food web structure, and meteorology have been collected for decades from these experiments and can be compared to control measurements taken at unaffected lakes. By studying the links between various changes in habitat, chemistry, food webs, and fish populations, this project will identify ecosystem indicators that predict impacts on fish productivity and can be used to support ecosystem-based fisheries management.

Program Name

Strategic Program for Ecosystem-based Research and Advice (SPERA)


Central Canada: Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Freshwater Drainage Basin

Principal Investigator(s)

Scott Higgins

Michael Rennie

Michael Paterson

Paul Blanchfield

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