Exploration of approaches to assess cumulative impacts of activities in the coastal zone within an Ecosystem Approach to Management Framework (EAM)


Collapse or fluctuations in important fish stocks have prompted a shift in fisheries management approaches, from consideration of human impacts on individual target species to an approach that considers impacts on the ecosystem as a whole, known as an Ecosystem Approach to Management (EAM). This project aims to support the advancement of an EAM in the Maritimes by defining a method to assess the impacts of human activities on coastal regions within an EAM context. A regional workshop will focus on furthering the implementation of this approach and determining how best to provide scientific advice on the impacts of human activities. This project will also compile available examples of habitat and resource maps, and information on zones of human activity, to assess the usefulness of mapping and modelling tools. The project is expected to contribute to work in other regions and national workshops.

Program Name

Strategic Program for Ecosystem-based Research and Advice (SPERA)


Atlantic: Gulf of Maine, Scotian Shelf

Principal Investigator(s)

Fred Page

Tanya Worchester

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