The functional role of forage fish species and implications for the Ecosystem Approach to Management in Canada


Foodweb of the western Scotian Shelf, showing the key role of herring and krill as forage species.

Forage fish species, which serve as prey for other types of fish, are a key link in the food chains of Canada's marine ecosystems, transferring energy from lower levels to higher levels of the food chain. They are also the subject of major fisheries. While the Canadian Forage Fish Policy provides guidelines for new and developing fisheries, Canada lags behind much of the developed world in applying an ecosystem approach to the management of these key species. This project will use the results of a literature review with a global outlook and modelling studies for both the east and west coasts of Canada to provide ecosystem-based advice for the management of Canada's forage species.

Program Name

Strategic Program for Ecosystem-based Research and Advice (SPERA)



Principal Investigator(s)

Alida Bundy

Gary Melvin

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