Policy for Scientific Data

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Effective Date

This policy effectively replaces the previous Management Policy for Scientific Data on September 1, 2013


This policy applies to all scientific Data collected or generated by Fisheries and Oceans Canada.


Fisheries and Oceans Canada, DFO, through its own programs and through exchanges with national and international organisations, has acquired over the years and continues to acquire, a large volume of Scientific Data and information. The Scientific Data policy is needed to preserve, enhance and facilitate the use of the valuable and irreplaceable Scientific Data resources of DFO.

This Policy supports the Departmental mission and strategic outcomes:

“Through sound science, forward-looking policy, and operational and service excellence, DFO employees work collaboratively toward the following strategic outcomes:

  • Economically Prosperous Maritime Sectors and Fisheries;
  • Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems; and
  • Safe and Secure Waters.”

by protecting the factual basis on which decision are made, policies are developed, and on which operations and services rest.

This Policy conforms to the Government of Canada Policy on Information Management, while allowing flexibility to accommodate the many Scientific Data sharing arrangements and obligations DFO has with external agencies in Canada and internationally.

This policy is to be evergreen, and will be linked to a strategic implementation plan. The policy and implementation plan will be revised and adjusted as imposed by resource constraints.

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