Black Carp
Mylopharyngodon piceus

An illustration of Black Carp, a species of Asian carp. The locations of the dorsal, anal and pelvic fins, its curved lateral line from gill to tail, as well as its lack of barbels are indicated on the illustration. Illustration by © Joseph R. Tomelleri

Do you think you have discovered an aquatic invasive species?

  1. Do not return the species to the water.
  2. Note the exact location (GPS coordinates) and the observation date.
  3. Take photos.
  4. Take note of identifying features.
  5. Report an Aquatic Invasive Species, depending on where you are.
  6. What you can do to reduce the risk.

Black Carp has a blunt, scaleless head with a small, terminal to subterminal toothless mouth, and no barbels. It has a pointed snout and a downward pointing mouth with teeth in its throat adapted for crushing shells. The body is long and narrow. Its dorsal fin is shorter compared to that of Common Carp. Scales are very large with dark edges, giving a cross-hatched appearance. The colouring of adult Black Carp is blackish-brown blending to white towards the belly, with blackish-grey fins. Individuals can grow to 35 kilograms and can reach lengths up to 1.8 meters and can live up to 15 years of age. Adult Black Carp feed primarily on small molluscs while juveniles feed on phytoplankton and zooplankton.

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