Funded Projects

These research documents use scientific and technical terms and are published in the official language in which they are provided to the program. Where the publication is in French, only the title appears in English. The full publication reference can be found on the French webpage.

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N-01-06-002 Cod Aquaculture - Strategies for Improved Hatchery Broodstock Management
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N-01-06-003 Optimal Cage Depth for Bay d'Espoir Salmonid Aquaculture
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N-01-06-004 Furunculosis Vaccine Efficacy for Atlantic Salmon
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N-01-06-005 Aquaculture Information review - An evaluation of Known Effects and Mitigations on Fish and Fish Habitat in Newfoundland and Labrador
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N-01-09-001 Harmful Phytoplankton and Bivalve Aquaculture in a Cold Ocean Environment img
N-02-09-001 Salmonid aquaculture in Poole's Cove area img
N-05-01-001 Cod Broodstock Development - Genetic Selection/Pedigree Program
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N-05-01-002 9th Canadian Workshop on Harmful Marine Algae & Aquaculture Association of Canada Conference (July 4-8, 2005), St. John's, NL img
N-05-01-003 Gastric Dilation, Air Sacculitis Syndrome in Farmed Steelhead Trout and Its Association with Maturation, Nutritional Factors, Osmoregulatory and Environmental Stresses. img
N-05-01-004 Biological and Physical Oceanographic Interactions Affecting Northwest Atlantic Coastal Aquaculture Sites - Quantifying Mussel Seed Quality and Availability in Newfoundland, NL img
N-06-09-02 Development of a Heavy Ice Avoidance submerging system for deep water exposed mussel sites img
N-07-01-01 Improving feeding efficiency of farmed Atlantic salmon and its impact on fish production and near cage environment img
N-08-01-001 Cod Broodstock Nutrition Study
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N-08-01-002 Monitoring of environmental conditions on salmon sites of the Fortune Bay area and effects of hypoxia on the physiology of Atlantic salmon
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N-08-01-003 Enhancing sustainable mussel industry production and growth through the assessment and removal of constraints in seed supply img