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These research documents use scientific and technical terms and are published in the official language in which they are provided to the program. Where the publication is in French, only the title appears in English. The full publication reference can be found on the French webpage.

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P-04-01-001 Incorporating the Natural Cycles of Sea Lice (L. salmonis) Production into a Management Strategy for Sustainable Aquaculture img
P-04-01-002 Atlantic Salmon Egg Research, Part II img
P-04-01-003 New Genes: Evaluation of Genetic Variation in Stofnfiskur Domesticated Atlantic Salmon imported to British Columbia img
P-04-01-004 Feasibility of Suspended Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) and California Sea Cucumber (Parastichopus californicus) Polyculture
img 2
P-04-01-005 Efficacy of a Nucleic Acid (NA) Vaccine against Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus (IHNV) in Farmed Atlantic Salmon in British Columbia img
P-04-01-006 Development and Validation of qPCR Methods for the Determination of Kudoa thyrsites Infection Levels img
P-04-01-007 Efficacy of a Kudoa thyrsites Subunit Vaccine in Atlantic Salmon when Administered Intramuscularly and Intraperitoneally img
P-04-01-011 DEPOMOD img
P-04-04-001 Use of Alternate Dietary Lipid Sources to Reduce Flesh Contaminant in Farmed Sablefish img
P-04-04-002 Cadminum in Deep Water Cultured Pacific Oysters: The Potential Role of Phytoplankton
img 4
P-04-04-004 A Search for the Alternative Host of the Marine Myxozoan Parasite Kudoa thyrsites Among Commercial Salmon Farms and Departure Bay, Nanaimo img
P-04-04-005 Assessment of Oxygen, Temperature and Salinity on Atlantic Salmon Broodstock Maturation img
P-04-04-007 Characteristics of Streams With and Without Atlantic Salmon Observations on Coastal Vancouver Island and Southwestern British Columbia img
P-04-09-002 Evaluation of the Flesh Quality of Farmed and Wild BC Salmon img
P-04-09-004 Juvenile Geoduck Out-planting: Optimizing Methods for Maximizing Aquaculture Production and Minimizing Environmental Impacts img