Scientific Data and Products

Oceanographic information and data collected and aggregated by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Data is collected through several national and international programs. Data is managed by the management policy for scientific data.

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Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS)

The concept of OBIS (Ocean Biogeographic Information System) was first developed at a conference sponsored by the Census of Marine Life (CoML) in 1997. At the time, a comprehensive system for the retrieval of ocean biological data did not exist. Not long after the initial meeting, OBIS was established as a project of the Census of Marine Life to help facilitate global enfranchisement of data within the scientific community.

Ocean Monitoring Workstation Products (OMW)
National Capital Region

The Ocean Monitoring Workstation processes all beam modes of RADARSAT satellite images to extract information from the sea surface.

Ocean Profiles
National Capital Region

Physical, chemical and biological profiles of oceanographic data from several National and International programmes.

Oceanographic Data Management System
Maurice Lamontagne Institute

Ocean profile data collected by MLI can be accessed here. The coverage consists mostly (but is not restricted to) of the St. Lawrence Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Oceanographic Databases
Maritimes Region

Access to a number of databases maintained by Ocean Sciences at the Bedford Institute. The databases include temperature-salinity profiles for the North West Atlantic, sea-surface temperature from satellite, monthly statistics of ocean currents and other moored instruments, and daily temperature observations from coastal thermographs.

On-Line Scientific Buoys
St. Lawrence Observatory

Oceanographic data collected at 19 fixed stations throughout the St. Lawrence since 1993 via the Gulf of St. Lawrence Thermograph Network.

Operational Remote Sensing
Bedford Institute of Oceanography (BIO)

A time series of sea-surface temperature images describing the state of the Northwest Atlantic used to study the interrelation between fisheries and ecosystem functions.