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Oceanographic information and data collected and aggregated by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Data is collected through several national and international programs. Data is managed by the management policy for scientific data.

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CLImate VARiability (CLIVAR)

CLIVAR is an international research programme addressing many issues of natural climate variability and anthropogenic climate change. It seeks to better understand and predict our climate in order to take precautions and to reduce impacts of climate variability and change on our planet.

Canadian Tides and Water Levels Data Archive
National Capital Region

As Canada's national data center, the historical tide and water level data archive presently holds over 500 million records with the earliest dating back before the turn of the century. Over 2 million new observations, reported from the CHS permanent gauging network, are added on a daily and monthly basis. Data are also exchanged annually with Environment Canada.

Coastal Monitoring with BC Ferries
Pacific Region

Data collected on a return ferry sailing, starting and finishing at Swartz Bay (Water Clarity, Salinity, Chlorophyll concentration, Surface Temperature).

Coastal Shallow Water Temperature Climatology for Atlantic Canada
Maritimes Region

Monthly average temperatures, standard deviations and daily maximum and minimum temperatures for water depths less than 12 metres are presented for inshore fishing areas of the Canadian East Coast.

Code List
National Capital Region

Computer Atlas of the Northwest Atlantic (CANWA)
Maritimes Region

An interactive system for data storage, analyses, visualization and extraction. It has its own built-in data storage and archival capabilities for various types of hydrographic data (e.g., bottle, CTD, XBT, MBT, MVP/MVCTD) providing immediate (quick) access to massive data collections.

Contaminants and Marine Toxicology
Pacific Region

Assess dioxin/furan, PCBs, PBDEs and pesticide contamination in environmental samples from the Pacific Region and elsewhere in DFO.

Contours of Average Temperature and Salinity in the Gulf of Alaska
Pacific Region

Figures at this site show contours of median temperature and salinity through the Gulf of Alaska. Summer and winter figures are presented separately at each of 46 depths through the gulf.