Sea ice studies

Overviews, instruments, data and results for sea ice studies in different areas.

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Services and information

Labrador and Newfoundland

Marine shipping and offshore operations hazard due to sea ice off the East Coast.

Gulf of St. Lawrence

Effects from the Labrador current, Grand Banks, Baffin Bay and Labrador Shelf.

Canadian Arctic Archipelago

How the volume, freshwater and heat fluxes affect the sea ice in eastern Barrow Strait.

Beaufort Sea

Snow depth, ice thickness and ice roughness on the Mackenzie River Delta, the Beaufort Sea and the Amundsen Gulf.


Tools we use to study sea ice.

Photos and posters

Images of ice, inhabitants, instruments, projects and areas.


Phone, email and mailing address for our sea ice studies.

Related links

Government and academic sites, and other websites with helpful information on sea ice.

What we are doing

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